Poster PDFs

Posters displayed at the AGM 2012 included:

Poster #1:  Acute Confusion:  A collaborative approach to the development of a delirium strategy for the Emergency Department

Poster #2:  Assessing cognition in the Emergency Department:  Prospective Validation of the Ottawa 2DY Case Finding Tool with Animal Fluency Test

Poster #3:  Improving Discharge of Seniors from the Emergency Department:  Development, Implementation and Evaluatin of a Senior Safety Assessment Tool

Poster #5:  Evaluating the impact of a community 24 hour flexible in-home support program by a multidisciiplinary health care team on 911 calls

Poster #7:  CCAC Dementia Initiative

Poster #12:  Enhancing Continuing professional education related to the primary care of seniors in the Champlain Region

Poster #16:  Improving the Care of the Vulnerable elderly in a primary care setting:  A process of identification and management

Poster #17:  So long or goodbye

Poster # 19:  "Care int he Midst of Chaos"  A Geriatric Clients Transition from Hospital to Home, a Multidisciplinary Success Story

Poster #27:  A baseline assessment of Ottawa's Age Friendliness
Une etue de milieu de caractere accueillant d'Ottawa.  English and French

Poster #28:  Caring for the elderly in Champlain:  The primary care perspective

Poster #30:  Community partnerships in action:  A case study in senior's care