Regional Geriatric Advisory Committee (RGAC)

Mission of the Regional Geriatric Advisory Committee (RGAC)

The Regional Geriatric Advisory Committee (RGAC) is a network of organizations that provide a comprehensive range of geriatric services to seniors in the Champlain region.  As a network, it has engaged in system wide strategic planning since 1997.  The present 2007-2010 Strategic Plan is its third and is currently being revised (2010 – 2014), and represents a pivotal point in the life of the network.  With each strategic plan, the RGAC has expanded its organizational scope and range of activities, and this plan is no exception.

The 2007-2010 Strategic Plan focuses on health services for all seniors at all levels of care in the Champlain region.  The strong information sharing capacity of the RGAC is enhanced by increased linkages, coordination, and shared decision-making among an expanded RGAC membership.

The RGAC meets bi-monthly.

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