Vision for Care

Independence for seniors through partnership, clinical excellence, and compassionate care

Older people with complex needs can expect to optimize their independence and quality of life, through timely access to specialized geriatric services when required. These innovative services are fully integrated as a fundamental component of the healthcare system of the Champlain region.

The acute, primary and continuing care sectors are predominantly responsible for providing care and treatment for the elderly in need. Specialized geriatric services will therefore work in partnership with primary care physicians and other providers in an accountable, responsive, and coordinated system of care. This system will be characterized by simplified access and continuity of care. Available resources will be optimized by offering care at the point most likely to offer the greatest benefit.

Seniors and their caregivers will be able to make informed decisions regarding their treatment and quality of life, as a result of comprehensive multi-dimensional assessment and consultation. A full range of geriatric screening, assessment, consultation and treatment services will be provided in a variety of settings appropriate to peoples needs. These will include clients’ homes as well as hospital and long-term care settings.

Specialized geriatric services will provide leadership in research, program planning, evaluation, and education that will develop more effective treatments, and provide state-of-the art educational opportunities for current and future practitioners.