RGPEO staff have published numerous articles to advance knowledge in the field of geriatrics with the goal of improving patient care.

Geriatric Emergency Management PLUS Program - Costing Analysis Methodology (Tested at The Ottawa Hospital). March 2015.

A Scoping Interpretive Review of Literature on Perspective and Practices of Primary Care Physicians Vis-à-vis Diagnosis and Management of Community Living Older Person with Dementia (Full Report)

Primary Care Physicians & Dementia: Screening, Diagnosis, Disclosure & Management / A Collection of Over 300 Relevant Published Manuscripts (2000-2011)

Canadian Geriatrics Society Journal of CME The Canadian Geriatrics Society Journal of CME is the first CME journal wholly owned and operated by the CGS.  We invite you to browse through the current edition of the journal by clicking here:

Research Publications as of  September 2012

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