Other Specialized Geriatric Services in Ottawa and the Champlain Region


Geriatric Psychiatry Community Services of Ottawa (GPCSO)
The mission of GPCSO is to provide expertise and leaership in the practice of community-based geriatric psychiatry, using an interdisciplinary approach, with the aim of enhancing the mental health and well-being of the elderly in their own environment.

Referrals are accepted by mail or fax from physicians, community agencies, health care professionals, families, friends or the individual concerned.

Tel:  613 562 9777
Fax: 613 562 0259
located at Bruyère Continuing Care, 75 Bruyère Street, Ottawa ON 

Memory Disorder Clinic
A Dementia diagnostic and treatment clinic.  The clinic is unable to process cases that coincide with an acquired brain injury, documented neurological disorder (eg MS), active substance abuse, inadequately controlled psychiatric illness, or long standing learning disabilities.  Patients less than 45 years are only seen under special circumstances.

261Y-75 Bruyere Street, Ottawa On  K1N 5C8
Tel:  613 562 6322
Fax:  613 562 6013  
Referral form

Montfort Hospital
A bilingual multidisciplinary Specialized Geriatrics Clinic is held once a week. Patients typically attend for 1 - 3 sessions for a full Geriatric workup by a Geriatrician and other multidisciplinary staff as appropriate.

Referrals can be made by the Geriatric Outreach Assessment team, internally from Montfort Hospital, or from the community by Family Physicians.
Tel:   613 746 4621 ext 3136
Fax:  613 748 4995

A bilingual multidisplinary falls assessment clinic is held once a week.  Referrals are received by health care professionals, families or caregivers. 
Tel:  613 748 4929
Fax:  613 748 4995
Montfort Hospital Falls Clinic Referral Form

Geriatric Psychiatry -- Royal Ottawa Health Care Group
The program provides a range of services to meet the mental health needs of adults 65 years of age and over.

Working together with families, primary care physicians, community psychiatrists and community agencies, staff help individuals improve the quality of life and achieve optimal level of functioning.

Other Geriatric Services Available in Ottawa
Champlain Healthline -- Resource Guide for Geriatric Services in Ottawa

Champlain Region Geriatric Services

A physician referral is required for all Specialized Geriatric Clinics and Geriatric Day Hospitals in the Champlain Region

Specialized Geriatric Clinics:

Arnprior and District Memorial Hospital
Tel:  613 623 3166 ext 266
Fax:  613 623 3354

Cornwall Memory Disorder Clinic
Tel:  613 932 9940

Pembroke Regional Hospital Geriatric Clinic
Tel:  613 732 2811

Renfrew Victoria Hospital Geriatric Clinic
Tel:  613 432 4851 ext 755
Fax: 613 432 8649

Winchester Memorial Hospital
Tel:  613 774 2422 ext 6318
Fax: 613 774 7206

Geriatric Day Hospitals:

Cornwall Community Hospital Geriatric Day Hospital
Renfrew County Mobile Geriatric Day Hospital (Arnprior, Renfrew, Pembroke)