Senior Friendly Hospital Forum March 27, 2014

The Champlain LHIN and The Regional Geriatric Advisory Committee (RGAC) SFH Steering Committee
Frist Annual Senior Friendly Hospital Symposium

Guest Speaker:  Dr. Barbara Liu
Executive Director, Regional Geiatric Program of Toronto

Bullet Presentations:
1.     Up for Meals - A SFH Stragegy to Prevent De-Conditioning in Medicine Patients - Presentation
2.     SF Initiatives at the Pembroke Regional Hospital - Presentation
3.     MOVEing ON:  How Montfort Hospital is ensuring sustainability of the MOVE ON initiatives - Presentation
4.     Keeping Senior Patients Active in Hospital:  The MOVE ON Project at The Ottawa Hospital - Presentation
5.     Decreasing Catheter Use in Medcine patient - A Two for One SFH Strategy - Queensway Carleton Hospital - Presentation
6.     Identifying Patients at Risk of Delirium:  A Project for Patients Undergoing Elective Orthopedic Surgery at The Ottawa Hospital - Presentation
7.     Nurses Improving Care for Healthsystem Elders:  NICHE - The Queensway Carleton Hospital Journey in Year One - Presentation
8.     Implementation of the Frist Behavioural Support Team for Dementia Persons in Acute Care at The Ottawa Hospital - Presentation
9.     High Risk Seniors Going Home - Hawkesbury General Hospital - Presentation
10.   Improving Screening and Interventions for Delirium in Hip Fracture Patients Over the Age of 75 in Acute Care - The Ottawa Hosptial - Presentation
11.   Implementation of Delirium Screening, Prevalence and Incidence Indicators for an Orthopedic Population:  A Feasibility Study - The Ottawa Hospital - Presentation
12.   Improving Patient Care via Improved Communicatin - Winchester District Memorial Hospital - Presentation
13.   Delirium at Winchester District Memorial Hospital - Presentation
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