SGS Wait Times

Wait times are based on the 3rd next available appointment date.

List Updated Monthly
- Last Updated: August 17, 2017

Next Available Date
Ottawa Geriatric Day Hospitals and Clinics
Bruyere Continuing Care Geriatric Day Hospital **

Nov 6, 2017

Bruyere Continuing Care Memory Disorder Clinic Nov, 2017
Montfort Geriatric Clinic n/a
Queensway Carleton Geriatric Day Hospital Nov 13, 2017
The Ottawa Hospital Geriatric Med Amb Services &  Day Hospital Sep 7, 2017
Rural Geriatric Day Hospitals
Cornwall Geriatric Day Hospital Sep 6, 2017
Renfrew County Mobile Geriatric Day Hospital
Arnprior Temporarily closed.
Pembroke Nov 8, 2017
Renfrew Nov 14, 2017
Geriatric Assessment Outreach Teams - Ottawa
East - Geriatric Assessment Outreach Team n/a
West - Geriatric Assessment Outreach Team Sep 12, 2017

**  Please note that for the Bruyere Geriatric Day Hospital patients that meet urgent criteria are seen within 2 weeks.  Each referral is reviewed upon receipt and triaged as per accuity.