In the Community (Out-patient)

Geriatric Assessment Outreach Teams

Patients are seen in their own home by a Geriatric Outreach Assessor for a comprehensive geriatric assessment.

Patients can be referred by their physician, other healthcare professionals, family members, caregivers or themselves. Patients must live in their own home (house, apartment, condominium, retirement home).  Referrals cannot be accepted from long-term care facilities, nursing homes or out of province.

The Outreach Teams are committed to working with the family physician and community service agencies.  The family physician must be contacted before a referral is accepted by the Outreach Teams.

How to refer to the Geriatric Assessment Outreach Teams

Geriatric Day Hospitals

Geriatric Day Hospitals are out-patient programs that provide multidisciplinary assessment and/or treatment for patients who are experiencing a change in function, memory, mood, mobility or have complex medical issues.  Treatment, counselling and education are available to patients and their caregivers to optimize health and independence.

Many patients have already been seen in their own home by the Geriatric Outreach Assessor before an appointment is made for a Geriatric Day Hospital.  Patients may also be referred to the Geriatric Day Hospital through the Emergency Department Geriatric Emergency Management (GEM) Program, by family physicians, or from in-patient units.  A physician referral is required.

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