We have compiled the following list of hospital and community services and commented on temporary access and service provision.  We have now included a section on support resources for the partners.  We want to ensure frontline staff have the most up to date information to support care decisions.

Geriatric Community Programs

Central Intake for Specialized Geriatric Services
Specialized Geriatric Services (SGS) Central Intake is designed to be a simplified streamlined intake process with one referral form and one contact number.
Please complete the Referral forms for Geriatric Assessment Outreach Teams & Geriatric Day Hospitals services.

Geriatric Assessment Outreach Team (GAOT)
Accepting Referrals through Central Intake for Specialized Geriatric Services
Completing comprehensive geriatric assessments in home and by telephone.

Geriatric Day Hospital

Bruyere Day Hospital
Accepting Referrals, seeing patients virtually and in-person.

QCH Day Hospital
Accepting Referrals, seeing patients virtually and in-person.

TOH Geriatric Medicine Clinics
Accepting referrals through Central Intake, seeing patients In-person & virtual.

Cornwall Day Hospital
Accepting referrals, seeing patients primarily virtually with select in-person appointments.

Pembroke Day Hospital
Accepting referrals through Central Intake
Conducting wellness checks with patients 2-3/week | MD completing telephone appointments.

Geriatric Mental Health & Behavioural Support

Accepting Referrals | 613-562-9777
Virtual consultations/telephone psychosocial assessments | Telephone follow-up with all active patients.
Urgent home visits occurring for case management and psychiatric Consultation.

Mental Health Crisis Line
Available 24 /7 | 1-866-996-0991

Community Addictions & Mental Health Center
Accepting Referrals | Telephone & In-person services available.

Access to reputable Public Health resources, Practical Tips, Wellness Strategies, Family Care Partner resources

Mental health Services of Renfrew County
Accepting referrals. Assessments are available in-home with full PPE or virtually. Current wait time is approx. 6 weeks.

Community Supports

Centralized Access for COVID-19 Community Services – Champlain Community Support Network
The COVID-19 Community Response site is live. This regional centralized site will support seniors and adult living with a physical disability to access community supports such as Transportation, Grocery delivery, Meals on Wheels, and Telephone Safety Checks.

Home & Community Support Services (Formally LHIN HCC)
Accepting referrals. Priority in-home services available.
Priority telephone services available.
Waitlist for Personal Support Services.

Going Home Program
Frozen and/or hot meals and transportation.  Increased the quantity of meals to 20 if required by patient need.
Home making and personal support services suspended.

Accepting referrals | T: 1-844-726-5115 | F: 613-739-8196
In-patient services running. Wait-time currently 8+ week due to pandemic.
Fully completed referrals accepted by fax from any source for eligible seniors aged 65 and older who may be isolated and at risk of hospitalization.

West End Integrated Falls Prevention Program
Accepting referrals | T: 613-820-4922 x 3560

Renfrew County

Geriatric Mental Health Outreach Team
Accepting referrals | T: 613-735-6500 or 1-877-260-0535 | F: 613-735-4638
Assessments are available for Hospital Inpatients, Long-term Care as well as community living clients either in-home with full PPE or virtually. Current wait time is approx. 6 weeks.

Geriatric Assessment Team
Accepting referrals | T: 613-735-6500 or 1-877-260-0535 | F: 613-735-4638
Completing assessments for community living seniors for cognition/behaviours, falls prevention, pain, incontinence as well as safety and risk

Renfrew County Mobile Geriatric Day Hospital
Accepting referrals | T: 613-732-3675 x 8048 | F: 613-732-6350
In-person services running. Ideal candidates can participate in exercise or group education and have two or more geriatric issues.

Primary Care Geriatric Assessor
Accepting referrals | T: 613-433-1405 | F: 613-433-5723
Telephone assessments currently available for patients of the following Physicians:

  • Calabogie Medical Practice (Davis, Buxton, Blaine)
  • Renfrew Health Village (Low, DeJesus, Cybulski, Avelino)
  • Renfrew Medical Group (Radke, Arcand, Varrin, Langlois and Wang)
  • Dr Matosh
  • Madawaska Valley Health Team: (Malinowski, Meeking, Atfield, Chen, Dawes, Tiedje)

The Eganville Seniors Home Support
T: 613-628-2354
Urgent transportation (chemo and dialysis and medical appointments)
Meals On Wheels, twice/week, 7$ per meal.
Accepting requests for phone checkups in Bonnechere Valley, North Algona, the Algonquin’s of Pikiwakigan & Bromley

Barry’s Bay and Area Home Support | T: 613-756-2772
Transportation services available for local errands, out of town appointments (excluding Toronto at this time) Telephone reassurance, frozen meal program, meals on wheels and
Seniors Centres Without Walls – FREE telephone-based seniors’ activity program.
Free Care Call service – automated calls for medication reminders & check-ins.
Assisted living services available.

Renfrew and Area Seniors’ Home Support | T: 613-432-7691
All services available including: Telephone reassurance & friendly visiting, frozen meals, grocery delivery, home maintenance referrals.

Arnprior-Braeside-McNab Seniors at Home | T: 613-623-7981
Office open with limited capacity.
Essential transportation and home support services fully running include: Frozen meals, grocery delivery, Meals on Wheels, local errands/medical and out of town medical appointments.
Dining with friends, Friendship days not currently available. Fall 2021 expected return of services

Calabogie and Area Home Support
T: (613) 752-2828
Transportation services for residents of Townships of Greater Madawaska Renfrew, Arnprior for errands & medical appointments. Transportation for medical appointments only to Ottawa are also available.
Frozen meals for order & Delivery.

Other Services

Dementia Society
Accepting referrals | T: 613-523-4004 x 3116 & online support
10@10 – 10 minutes of movement every weekday Live on Facebook
Social and Recreational Programs participants can do at home through our You Tube Channel.
Virtual Support Groups across Ottawa and Renfrew County almost daily.
Weekly Round Up e-bulletin

Telephone and e-consults available

Friendly Voice Program
Telephone reassurance T: 613-692-9992

Retire at Home Ottawa
Meal/prescription delivery, nursing, personal support, housekeeping, etc.
Available 24/7 | 613-798-5111/ 613-369-5100 or After Hours: 613-720-6111 clientcare@affinityhealth.ca


Resources for Health Providers

  • Primary Care – *New* Community support for your older adult patients 
  • Virtual Screening for Cognition by Phil St. John’s.
  • RGPs of Toronto COVID-19 Resource Page, resources to support geriatric care in community, hospital and long-term care across Ontario, updated weekly.
  • Cognitive tools for virtual care (PDF) – commonly used cognitive tools (MoCA, MMSE. RUDAS and mini-CoG) with the visual parts blown up for easy use during virtual assessments. Developed by Dr. Terumi Izukawa, MD, FRCPC.
  • Family Councils Ontario Virtual Visits Toolkit (PDF) – Toolkit for long-term care teams setting up scheduled video calls between older adults and their loved ones.
  • Rehab Care Alliance: Covid-19 Resources
  • McMaster: Optimal Aging Portal Resources for patient and caregivers on staying active and connected.
  • Covid-19 Resources – Canadian Geriatric Society
  • Accreditation Canada and HSO Covid resources
  • COVID-19 in Older Adults (PDF)- updated information on atypical presentations and optimizing care for older adults with COVID-19.
  • CLRI Supports for LTC Team Members – COVID-19 mental health supports for LTC teams, resources for residents, compassionate communication modules.
  • Volunteer program, centralized volunteer portal running on the same premise will be running by Monday, April 6th in both languages. Please contact Jaime Constable at jconstable@ccsn-rscc.org to confirm your volunteer needs for COVID-19 services.

Resources for Patients – Mental Health & Isolation

Resources for Patients – Staying Safe

  • Home Deliveries during the COVID Pandemic (PDF)
  • Champlain LHIN support services to help seniors/adult living disabilities to access community supports such as Transportation, Grocery delivery, Meals on Wheels, and Telephone Safety Checks.

Resources for Patients – Keeping Active

Other Sites & Resources