Are You at Risk for Falls?

Falls are the main reason why older people lose their independence.


experience at least one fall each year


of all hip fractures are due to a fall


of all falls causing hospitalization happen at home

Check Your Fall RiskPrevent Falls

Which exercise program is best for you?

Exercise Class Resource Guide

Level 1

I have a LOW activity level if I answer YES to:

  • I am afraid of falling
  • I have difficulty with:
    • My balance
    • Getting out of a chair
    • Walking (I may need a walking aid like a cane or a walker)

Goal: To be more mobile, steady and able to be more independent.

Level 2

I have a MEDIUM activity level if I answer YES to:

  • I am worried about my balance
  • I can do all of the following:
    • Stand on one leg for 2 seconds
    • Climb 10 stairs
    • Stand for 20 minutes
    • Walk 1 block without losing my breathor sitting down

Goal: Improve strength and balance, so I can move around more easily

Level 3

I have a HIGH activity level if I answer YES to:

  • I have few worries about my balance
  • I am able to exercise at least twice a week which include:
    • Getting stronger
    • Improving my balance andflexibility
    • Increasing my endurance activities that increase my heart rate (such as a brisk walk)

Goal: To maintain or improve fitness level

Talk to your healthcare provider (e.g. your family physician) and complete the Staying Independent Checklist.

Fall Prevention Education Module for Older Adults

Learn why Falls are important for you and for others. That falls are not inevitable as you age, but that they can be a sign that there is something wrong with your health and that can be dealt with. Learn about the risk factors of falls and most importantly what YOU can do to reduce Your risk.

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