CME for Physicians

Fall Risk Assessment & Interventions

  1. Obtain relevant medical history, history of falls, physical examination, including cognitive and functional assessment to identify root cause.

  2. Determine multifactorial fall risk by assessing:

a. Medications
b. Postural hypotension
c. Gait, balance and mobility and muscle strength (i.e. TUG or Chair Stand Test).  Evaluate pain-related mobility
d. Visual acuity
e. Other neurological impairments
f. Heart rate and rhythm
g. Bone health; assess calcium intake and fracture risk; nutritional assessment
h. Feet and footwear
i. Environmental hazards
j. Depression
k. Exercise Interventions
l. Other Resources

Falls Prevention Presentation Please click on the appropriate links below to access the entire slide deck set of a falls prevention presentation by Dr. Frank Molnar. The presentation is further broken down for ease of viewing in the each of the sections 2a-2j above.

- Slides