Chair Exercise Video

Designed for hospitalized older adults to supplement their daily physical activity and to reduce the effects of hospital-associated deconditioning, the 12-minute video contains thirteen seated exercises for the neck, arms and legs which are performed slowly to music and are appropriate for many older adults.

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Not intended to replace the advice of a qualified health-care provider. Please consult your healthcare provider to determine if this exercise video is appropriate/safe for you to participate in.

Move and Improve chair exercise video screening tool for health care professionals, highlights potential precautions to consider including joint-mobility restrictions, shortness of breath and pain concerns.

This video can be utilized to promote and encourage daily physical activity at various sites including in acute care, supervised settings and the community in the following ways:

  1. Download onto a Hospital-wide / institution-wide closed-circuit television system where patients/clients can access the video for free at set times throughout the day.
  2. Download and save on an iPad or DVD for viewing in this format by a patient/client.
  3. View on a personal computer, tablet or electronic device through the website link.