The RGPEO Geriatrics program provides clinical services to patients over 65 years of age. Programs include in-patient, out-patient and community services.

Patients are referred to Geriatrics for assessment of a variety of concerns such as:

  • Recent changes in physical, mental or functional abilities, changes in memory and/or mood.
  • Major changes in support needs, caregiver stress and future planning.
  • Safety concerns – physical, psychological, social, environmental.
  • Sudden increase in the use of health care services over the last 6 months.

The interactive online geriatric services map allows you to search and locate services around your location and provides contact information.

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RGPEO Specialized Geriatric Services include:

In the Community(Out-patient)

Patients are usually referred by their physician or family.  Typically, patients are seen in their own home (house, apartment or retirement home) by a Geriatric Outreach Assessor and then referred to a Geriatric Day Hospital.

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In Hospital(In-Patient)

Patients who are already in hospital may be transferred to an in-patient Geriatric Medicine Unit for assessment and treatment. To be transferred to the unit from an in-patient unit the patient is seen in consultation by one of the Geriatric Nurse Specialists and/or Geriatric Physicians.  Patients are occasionally transferred directly to the unit from community consultation with the Family Physician and the Geriatric Physician. Patients may also be referred to a Geriatric Rehabilitation Unit.

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Geriatric Emergency Management (GEM)

The GEM Nurse sees people over 65 years of age who come to the Emergency Department who have been identified with special concerns. They are nurses with special training in geriatrics and they can make recommendations for support at home or follow up with specialists if required.

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Other Specialized Geriatric Services in Ottawa and the Champlain Region

Patients living in areas outside the Ottawa region can be referred by their family physician to one of the monthly clinics held in various rural hospitals in the Champlain region. A physician referral is required.

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