Refresher Day 2010

Boost!  Recharge your Geriatric Skills
Thursday March 4, 2010
Villa Marconi, 1026 Baseline Road, Ottawa ON  K2C 0A6

Agenda for the Day
Biographies of Keynote speakers

Keynote Addresses Concurrent Sessions

Dr. Rosemary Kohr
The World of the Fragile Elderly

Father Mark Slatter
Bio-Ethical Concerns and Gerontological Care

Dr. Jens Pruessner
Inter-Individual Differences in Aging and the Relation to Personality and Stress

 Faranak Aminzadeh
From Home to Retirement Home:  Use of Case Stories to Examine Lived Experiences of Persons with Dementia During Transition

Dr. Rosemary Khor
Pain Management in the Elderly
The Five Things you need to Know about Wound Care for the Elderly

Dr. Frank Molnar
The Assessment of Fitness to Drive in Persons with Dementia
The Geriatricians Approach to the Elderly with Cognitive Impairment

Dr. Jo-Anne Clarke
Preventing Functional Decline

Father Mark Slatter
Keeping Your Head Straight in the Whirlwind of Ethical Controversy
(no presentation available)

Dr. Jan Pruessner
Why Stress is Bad for the Aging Brain and What you Can do About it
(no handout available)

Joy Parsons-Nicota
The Period Health Exam:  A Focus on Prevention