Refresher Day 2012

A Geriatric Refresher Day

March 21, 2012
St. Elias Centre, 750 Ridgewood Ave, Ottawa

Agenda for the Day
Biographies for Speakers

Keynote Presentations:

Dr. Samir Sinha
Why New Thinking is Needed in the Way we Care for the Elderly

Dr. Barbara Liu
Senior Friendly Strategy in Ontario - Let's MOVE ON

Concurrent Sessions
Dr. Samir Sinha and Jocelyn Bennett
Key Components and Strategies to Operationalize an Elder Friendly Hospital

Dr. Lori Della Mulva
Neuropsychology and the Aging Population:  How, Where, and When to Intervene

Dr. Bill Dalziel
Principles of Geriatric Assessment

Dr. Barbara Farrell
Managing Polypharmacy in the Elderly - an Interactive Workshop

Dr. Anne Monahan
Key Aspects to Consider with Cognitive Changes in the Elderly
Intentional medication nonadherence in a geriatric day hospital -
Article by Naomi Dore, Veronique French-Merkley and Anne Monahan
Multi-Compartment Compliance Aids - Friend or Foe - letter by Kate Walsh


Intentional medication nonadherence

in a geriatric day hospital

Dr. David Lussier
Overcoming Challenges in Pain Management of the Elderly

Dr. Frank Molnar
Cognition Algorithms

Dr. Barbara Liu
Improving Appropriate Prescribing in the Older Patient

Dr. Anne Monahan
Special Considerations in the Management of Blood Pressure in the Frail Elderly