The Geriatric Assessment Outreach Teams are committed to working with older adults, caregivers, Primary Care Providers, Health Care Professionals and Community Support Services to support older adults functioning as well and safely as possible in the community.

Our goals

  • Improve quality of life.
  • Optimize functional independence, autonomy, health and safety in the community.
  • Prevent and avoid unnecessary emergency department visits and hospitalizations.

What we do

The Geriatric Assessment Outreach Team members are health professionals (nurses, occupational therapists, physiotherapists and social workers) who provide a comprehensive geriatric health assessment for older adults aged 65 and older, in their homes or over the phone.

How to Refer

Referrals go to our Central Intake for Specialized Geriatric Services where they are triaged by a health professional and forwarded to the most appropriate service.

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What is a comprehensive geriatric assessment?

A comprehensive geriatric assessment is an overall review of health and day-to-day functioning for older adults aged 65 and older, in their homes or over the phone. With permission, questions in the following areas are explored:

  • Medical concerns
  • Nutrition
  • Personal care
  • Household activities
  • Driving safety
  • Mobility
  • Mood
  • Memory
  • Social Issues
  • Safety
  • Home environment

Referral Criteria?

  1. The client must be in agreement to the assessment
  2. The client must have a valid Ontario Health Card
  3. The client must reside in the community
  4. The client must reside in the City of Ottawa

Referral Process

Anyone can refer an older adult to our program with consent. Referrals are made by completing a referral form for the Central Intake for Specialized Geriatric Services. Referrals forms can be completed by phone, fax or e-referral.

Once Central Intake for Specialized Geriatric Services receives the referral, it is reviewed and triaged by a health professional. If Central Intake for Specialized Geriatric Services decides that the Geriatric Assessment Outreach Team is the best program, they will provide the older adult with an appointment time.

What to expect?

  1. The Geriatric Assessor (nurse, occupational therapist, physiotherapist or social worker) completes an initial multi-dimensional screening assessment incorporating aspects of physical, cognitive and psychosocial status, functional abilities and environmental factors.
  2. The average visit lasts approximately 2 hours. Collaboration with the older adult (and family/caregivers where applicable) helps to identify needs and determine appropriate action.
  3. Based on consultation with the geriatrician and other team members, further action may consist of:
    • More in-depth assessment and/or treatment at one of the components of the Regional Geriatric Program (e.g. assessment at a Geriatric Day Hospital)
    • Referral to other health agencies or community resources for further assessment, treatment, rehabilitation or other services.
  4. The assessment summary and recommendation will be forwarded (with the older adult’s consent) to their primary care provider and any other health professionals or agencies involved.

For more information

Ottawa West
West of Bronson
Tel:  613-721-0041

Ottawa East
East of Bronson
Tel:  613-562-6362

The interactive online geriatric services map allows you to search and locate services around your location and provides contact information.

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