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Falls Prevention Program



The Regional Geriatric Program of Eastern Ontario, in partnership with the Champlain Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) and a broad group of community partners have lead the development of a Champlain Falls Prevention Strategy. This strategy builds on the extensive work developed by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care which places a strong emphasis on the prevention of falls in the Ontario Integrated Falls Prevention Strategy and whose objective is to "improve the quality of life for Ontario seniors aged 65 years and over and lessen the burden of falls on the health care system by reducing the number and impact of falls."

Based on the 2010 American Geriatric and British Geriatric Clinical Practice Guidelines, the Champlain Falls Prevention Strategy includes the development of assessment and intervention tools and resources to support primary care practitioners in identifying the root causes of falls amongst seniors and to put into place the appropriate interventions to reduce the number of falls and the injuries related to falls. The following pages provide a framework, tools, and resources to support a transfer of knowledge into everyday clinical practice and the key factors involved in falls prevention.

Fall Risk Assessment and Intervention

Falls Prevention Algorithm and Tools



Falls Prevention Presentation by Dr. Frank Molnar.