Digital Support for Your Wellbeing

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We are going digital to serve you better: Communicate,coordinate and collaborate with ease, provided by RGPEO in partnership with health and community agencies

Careteam is a care coordination and communication platform designed for the modern care team. It brings together the patient, their families, personal caregivers, and health care providers around a shared and dynamic plan of action. The entire team can now:

Stay up-to-date with your Action Plans

Receive your Action Plan digitally, with all associatedtasks, resources and documents.

Add your family, friends, and caregivers
Invite your entire support team to the platform - all youneed is their email. They'll be able to sign in and viewwhatever information you want to share with them.

Add and assign tasks
Add tasks related to your care - even getting groceries,or a ride to your appointment. Assign to a support teammember to keep them in the loop.

Communicate securely
Use secure messaging to chat one-on-one or in a groupto your physician or support team

Contact your healthcare provider to get started on Careteam today
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