Specialized Geriatric Services (SGS) provide older adults with specialized care and services that are often necessary to prevent, delay or restore loss of function in older adults.

Outpatient SGS include but are not limited to Geriatric Day Hospitals, in-home Geriatric Assessment, GeriMedRisk, Memory Programs, and Geriatric Clinics. Each service has varying criteria and accept referrals from different sources.

If your primary concern is related to mental health or behaviour associated with dementia, please refer to Geriatric Psychiatry Central Intake phone: 613-562-9777 or fax: 613-562-0259.

Our goals

  • Provide a streamlined intake process with one referral form and one contact number for referrals to Geriatric Medicine.
  • Ensure timely access to the most appropriate service for older adults over 65 year of age.
  • Facilitate the referral process for health care practitioners, older adults and caregivers

Reasons for referral

Any changes or concerns in the following areas:

  • Cognition
  • Falls
  • Functional decline
  • Mobility
  • Medications
  • Polypharmacy
  • Deprescribing
  • Mood
  • Nutrition
  • Caregiver stress
  • Driving
  • Risk / Safety

Criteria for referring, the older adult must:

  1. Agree to the assessment
  2. Be 65 years or older
  3. Have a valid Ontario Health Card
  4. Reside in the community (house, apartment, retirement home)

*Exclusion: referrals cannot be accepted from long-term care facilities

Referral Process

Anyone can refer an older adult with their consent. Referrals are made by completing a the Central Intake for Specialize Geriatric Services (SGS) Referral Form by phone, fax or online.

  1. Please complete all fields providing additional information where appropriate by completing a PDF Referral Form, the Online Referral Form or by calling Central Intake at 613-761-4145.
  2. Fax the PDF referral form to Central Intake at 613-761-5388.
  3. The older adult/caregiver will receive a call from a health professional at Central Intake for SGS to review the referral and discuss the action plan/referral destination.
  4. A decision to proceed to a Specialized Geriatric Service is made based on the review of the referral form, medical information and a discussion with the older adult/caregiver and referral source.

If the referral does not meet our criteria, the referral source will be notified.

For more information

Central Intake for Specialized Geriatric Services (Geriatric Medicine)
Regional Geriatric Program of Eastern Ontario / The Ottawa Hospital
Tel: 613-761-4145
Fax: 613-761-5388

The interactive online geriatric services map allows you to search and locate services around your location and provides contact information.

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