The following material were developed by The Ottawa Hospital MOVE-ON initiative.  This initiative promotes the mobilization of hospitalized seniors to prevent functional decline and optimize outcomes.

 MOVE-ON Chart Audit

MOVE-ON patient Chart Questionaire audit 

 Patient Needs Assessment

 Setting up Walkers for Patients


Outcomes of inpatient mobilization:  A literature review
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 Mobilization Practices in Canadian Critical Care Units
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 Implementation Matters:  A Review of Research on the Influence of Implementation on Program Outcomes and the Factors Affecting Implementation
Joseph A. Durlak and Emily DuPre
Am J. Community Psychol (2008) 41:327-350
Evaluation of a Multisite Educational Intervention to Improve Mobilizatin of Older Patients in Hospital:  Protocol for Mobilization of Vulnteral Elders in Ontario (MOVE-ON)
Barbara Lui, Ummukalthum Almaawiy, Julia Moore, Sharon Straus

Tackling Immobility in Hospitalized Seniors
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